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  • WEG launches ATEX-compliant geared motors
    WEG has launched ATEX-compliant geared motors to help companies operating in hazardous areas improve reliability while reducing energy consumption and operating costs.
  • United Rentals extends Pump Solutions network
    United Rentals Inc has expanded its specialty branch network with the addition of United Rentals Pump Solutions branches in Atlanta, Georgia; Carlsbad, New Mexico; Elmwood Park, New Jersey; and Hayward, California, USA; and in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.
  • World Pumps June issue
    Questions answered in the June issue of World Pumps.
  • New CEO for Hertz Equipment Rental Corp
    Larry Silber has been appointed president and CEO of Hertz Equipment Rental Corp (HERC), replacing Brian MacDonald, who has stepped down.
  • Armstrong upgrades E Series
    Armstrong Fluid Technology introduces E Series pump-less volute kit.
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  • Advanced hollow fiber UF membranes improve performance in tertiary water treatment
    Growing global demand for clean water and increasing environmental concerns make membrane filtration the technology of choice for municipalities and industries seeking to reuse wastewater and reduce their water footprint. But how is the technology developing in this field?
  • Advanced Conversion: Maximising the Potential for Energy from Waste
    One of the most readily-available and viable solutions to help address the challenge of our growing energy needs is Energy-from-Waste (EfW) – which has the potential to take a multitude of waste streams (such as municipal solid waste) and convert them into energy. We look at how modern techniques can make the technology more efficient.
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  • The top five things that cause inverter failure
    Posted by Alan Burrows • 27 October 2014
    Jonathan Wilkins of European Automation writes: Inverters, drives, VSDs, variable speed drives, variable frequency drives – the category of products used to control an electric motor’s sp...
    tags: Inverters, drives, VSDs, variable speed drives, variable frequency drives
  • LAFF out loud for good sales practice
    Posted by Alan Burrows • 08 October 2014
    Dave Brockway writes: This past summer it became obvious that it was time to replace 13 rotting windows in my house. Four companies came out to assess my situation and submit a quote. All the sales r...
    tags: Intelliquip, Selling, Advise + quote, Customer’s problems , Sales rep
  • Russian-Ukrainian alliance began joint construction of pumps for nuclear power plants
    Posted by Alan Burrows • 07 February 2014
      Vladislav Vorotnikov writes: Russian concern Ruselprom has carried out the first supply of electric motors for pumps used in the construction of nuclear power plants to the PJSC Sumy M...
    tags: Russian-Ukrainian, nuclear power plants, Ruselprom, Sumy Machine Building Scientific Production Association
  • Large Russian oil pumps producer increased exports to Kazakhstan
    Posted by Alan Burrows • 03 February 2014
      Vladislav Vorotnikov writes: In 2013 a group of companies Perm Oil Engineering increased volume of sales of oil well pumps by 49% following the rapid rise in the volume of exports of p...
    tags:  Kazakhstan, Perm Oil Engineering , Russian oil pumps , Oil well pumps , Russian oil market
  • An approach to fluid handling challenges from Verder
    Posted by Alan Burrows • 10 January 2014
    The worldwide brewing industry is expected to reach an annual value of $630 billion by 2015. Despite the simplicity of basic brewing principles, manufacturers worldwide often face a variety of challen...
    tags: Verder, Brewing, Peristaltic pumps, Flexible hose, Mag drive pumps
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