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  • Advanced hollow fiber UF membranes improve performance in tertiary water treatment
    Growing global demand for clean water and increasing environmental concerns make membrane filtration the technology of choice for municipalities and industries seeking to reuse wastewater and reduce their water footprint. But how is the technology developing in this field?
  • Advanced Conversion: Maximising the Potential for Energy from Waste
    One of the most readily-available and viable solutions to help address the challenge of our growing energy needs is Energy-from-Waste (EfW) – which has the potential to take a multitude of waste streams (such as municipal solid waste) and convert them into energy. We look at how modern techniques can make the technology more efficient.
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  • How to improve potable water and wastewater infrastructure
    Posted by Alison Brown • 23 August 2017
    The state of our water and wastewater infrastructure is in critical shape. The ASCE gives the U.S. a D+ rating overall while potable water and wastewater infrastructure also received D ratings. A majo...
    tags: water, wastewater, WEFTEC, potable
  • Five top tips for high temperature heat transfer fluids and O-rings
    Posted by Anne Hall • 22 May 2017
    Heat transfer fluids (HTFs) are chemicals and therefore interaction with the internal components of a HTF system. Dr Chris I Wright highlights some of the key considerations when buying O-rings. ...
    tags: Heat transfer fluids, chemicals, O-rings, Dr Chris I Wright, temperature, seal, fluids, Global Heat Transfer
  • How to choose the right aquaponic pump
    Posted by Amanda Jacob • 22 May 2017
    Matthew Jambro is a home improvement and construction writer and editor for South Shore Roofing The combination of breeding fish and growing plants through a hydroponic system in your home, gard...
    tags: aquaponics, pumps, water, acquaculture, hydroponics, vegetables, food, home, garden
  • Eight ways to extend a plant's operating life
    Posted by Anne Hall • 16 March 2017
    In a previous blog it was assumed that the operation life of a plant can be extended to 25 years. Dr Chris I Wright examines proven technologies to maximise a plant’s operating life.   ...
    tags: fluid, pump, system, sampling, temperature, dilution, filtration, nitrogen, anti-oxidants
  • Protecting pumps by using high purity heat transfer fluids
    Posted by Anne Hall • 08 February 2017
    There are essentially three critical product features of a well-designed high temperature heat transfer fluid – high thermal stability, high heat transfer efficiency and high purity. Dr Chris I ...
    tags: pumps, heat transfer fluids, temperature, thermal stability, purity, system, World Pumps, oxygen, Christopher Wright
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  • Using AODD in soda production Using AODD in soda production
    Billions of gallons of soft drinks are produced and consumed annually. However, production quotas can be put under strain if the manufacturing process experiences any inefficiencies or breakdowns. Therefore, soft-drink producers must identify and employ the best systems and technology in order to meet these quotas.
  • Space saving solution for Flojet beverage pump Space saving solution for Flojet beverage pump
    The compact Bag-in-Box Syrup Pump from Flojet has a streamlined installation and versatile system capabilities that handles beverage syrups of all viscosities.
  • Thermal fluids at the centre of consumer safety
    Safety is an important factor when choosing a heat transfer fluid as a heat source for food and drink processing plants. The fluids need to be suitable for incidental contact and not present a significant risk to consumers. This article discusses the importance of the chosen heat transfer fluid in relation to the food supply chain.
  • Food and drink sector considers exhaust air quality
    While there are stringent standards regulating the quality and specification of compressed air applications in the food and beverage production sector, there are no equivalent standards in place for exhaust air quality from vacuum pumps. Here, we look at the best way of managing exhaust air quality from vacuum pumps.
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