The IFH lubricant storage and dispensing system.
The IFH lubricant storage and dispensing system.

The IFH (Innovative Fluid Handling) Group is a manufacturer of stationary and mobile lubricant storage and dispensing systems for handling oils, lubricants and other industrial fluids.

Its lubricant storage and dispensing system features two 65 gallon containers and one 130 gallon container plus 3-way product diverter valve assemblies, individual pumping systems and 10-micron filters. Products (oils, lubricants) can be pumped in and pumped out and kidney looped through the filters. Individual pumping systems ensure no cross-contamination.

The 3-way diverter valves, in combination with the individual pumping systems and filters, allow product to be pumped through the filters into the containers, and then pulled back out of the containers through the filters with the transfer units. Product can also be pulled from the containers, cycled through the filters and sent back into the containers (kidney loop).

The system can be customized to include containers of virtually any size. Capacities include 500, 300, 250, 130 and 65 gallon sizes. Optional equipment available includes the IFH spill containment system that prevents costly clean-ups and potential fines.

“IFH has been fabricating large capacity containers for years,” noted Larry King, Midwest regional sales manager. “We can supply containers of virtually any size, as well as any custom components our customers need.”