Neptune worked with its gear supplier to improve the gear-tooth profile by increasing the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) Quality Class from a level 6 to a level 9, resulting in tighter manufacturing tolerances on the mesh and backlash, and an improved running-surface finish. This quieter gear operation was incorporated on Neptune mixers that went to market in September 2011.
“By doing this we have been able to maintain all of the positive attributes of our mixers while, at the same time, reducing the sound level from the running product,” explained Don Weidemann, quality manager for Neptune Chemical Pump Co. “These changes, although subtle, have resulted in a significantly lower perceived and measured sound level.”
Neptune mixers are suitable for a wide variety of blending and mixing operations and can work in waste treatment, water treatment and in batch-chemical operations where paints, varnishes, polymers, textile sizes and dyes, pharmaceutical, soaps and other materials with viscosities ranging from 1 to more than 25,000 cPs need to be mixed or blended.