Launched in conjunction with the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), Queensland Australia, the scholarship is open to mechanical engineering students who have achieved good academic standing and have a demonstrated interest in engineering and related extra-curricular activities. The Weir Minerals Multiflo Scholarship includes continued financial support over a three year period, amounting to a total value of (Aus) $9,000.

Established by WMM as a way to not only introduce the stream of Mechanical Engineering at USC, but to also broaden awareness of the many career paths available to emerging engineers, the scholarship encourages students to showcase their work to potential employers such as WMM.

USC’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Greg Hill welcomed the support from the global brand, saying “The scholarship aims to help establish Mechanical Engineering at USC and assist students interested in pursuing a career in this sector,” he said. “It’s also exciting that this is the first multinational business to support student scholarships at USC in this way and that it has a direct link to the mining industry. “Weir Minerals Multiflo is supporting us, as the local university where it has a base in Australia, and we’re looking forward to building on that partnership with them.”

WMM is part of the global company The Weir Group PLC, which employs around 14,000 people worldwide. WMM employs around 150 people within Australia’s Sunshine Coast region alone.