Complete guide for the correct selection of pumps in the UNIQA range

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This technical manual discusses the basic technical concepts applicable to all pumps, as well as those which apply specifically to The Zenit Group's UNIQA pumps range.

UNIQA submersible electric pumps are designed for heavy-duty applications in wastewater treatment plants, lifting sewage, pumping industrial sludges and rainwater containing solids, and recycling raw or activated sludges and biological liquids.

UNIQA pumps are engineered for high efficiency, not just in performance, but also in running costs.

This technical manual is designed to help sales technicians and resellers select and explain the constructional and functional characteristics of UNIQA pumps. It covers the following technical concepts:

  • Basic concepts of hydraulics
  • Q-H curve (duty point)
  • Pump – Motor (P1 – P2 – P3)
  • Efficiency
  • Concept of hydraulics
  • Applying motors of various power ratings to a given impeller
  • Operation with frequency variator
  • Other selection criteria (materials, versions, etc.)

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