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Energy Efficiency news

Armstrong adds new features to Pump Manager

New features for calculating and tracking energy savings are now available.

 Pump Industry Awards calls for 2022 nominations

The 2022 Pump Industry Awards will take place 24 March 2022.


Dr Torill Bigg, Chief Carbon Reduction Engineer, Tunley Engineering, argues for a structured and quantified approach to carbon reduction.


The European Commission’s recent Fit for 55 plan sets out how it will put its decarbonisation strategy into practice.


Hydrogen can be used to supply nearly every energy sector.


Daikin's latest heat pump to generate domestic hot water has a storage tank and is suitable for small houses or apartments.


The SAM4 system will be installed on 25 pumps at eight locations, testing a variety of pump types and processes over 12 months.


Operational wear and tear is reduced by up to 70%.


Riventa’s challenges were to identify a potential reduction in life-cycle costs and show how optimisation of controls and operations could bring savings.


The HYPN system helps to significantly curb high energy consumption and maintenance costs.


The MVP 030-3 C DC features a gas ballast valve and high levels of chemical and condensate compatibility.


This issue looks at advances in manufacturing, repair and monitoring technology to mitigate challenges.


Eaton’s latest plug-in variable piston motor solutions are designed to help OEMs improve machine control, productivity and system life.


The new 1-10hp pumps can save an additional 20% compared with similar integrated products with induction motors.


Masdaf's smart pump technologies help to combat water and energy wastage in industries, hospitals and schools.


The new models include a super duplex version and a version with an IE 4 efficiency motor.


The EVMS-K pump is primarily for European industrial markets.


Rotork’s IQ and IQT electric actuators will be used instead of pneumatic actuators at multiple water treatment sites.


The CR185 is designed for high-flow water supply, water transfer and water treatment applications.


The agitators are engineered for heavy-duty operation at a high operating temperature.


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Over the years, water scarcity has become a global issue. Two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to face water shortages by 2025, according to Gl


Model-free methods that can optimize various pump systems during ongoing operation.


New features for calculating and tracking energy savings are now available.


The 2022 Pump Industry Awards will take place 24 March 2022.