The Stokes Microvac pump from Edwards is a self-contained, oil-sealed rotary piston pump, with low rotation and large clearances to achieve a longer life cycle. A new encapsulated valve design, improved ‘O’ ring sealing areas and a totally enclosed fan cooled motor ensures lower noise, lower power and extended service intervals for customers. The slow rotational speed reduces wear on the piston and slide components for longer life and offers greater ability to handle particulate applications.

An integral oil distribution system eliminates external piping and provides leak-free operation in a stylised design. The pumping piston is mounted to the main drive shaft via an eccentric and supported by two free oscillating hinge bars. When the piston rotates, air enters the pump through the piston slide. As the piston reaches the top-centre position, the intake port is closed, compressing the trapped air, which is discharged through the exhaust valves and out of the reservoir exhaust outlet as the piston continues to rotate.

Dave Sobiegray, product manager Industrial Vacuum, Edwards said: “We’re continually improving the design of our Stokes Microvac pump to provide increased reliability and reduced maintenance. Our upgrade offer gives customers an opportunity to benefit from the latest features and a full warranty at a more affordable price without the hassle of disposing of old equipment. Whether their existing pump will soon be uneconomic to repair or they need a newer model for a different project, the trade-in reduces the cost of upgrading.”

Applications for Stokes Microvac pumps from Edwards include vacuum coating, vacuum metallurgy, chemical processing and pharmaceuticals.