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Standby duty for historic station

The UK's Lee Tunnel project will increase storm water storage and prevent it from spilling into a local river. The project also includes the refurbishment of the Abbey Mills pumping station, a task undertaken by pump manufacturers, Sulzer.

New test facility in Naples, Italy

Pump qualification and verification for the European market requires testing in third party laboratories to gain accurate and economical measurements of pump performance. This paper looks at the new Hydro-Energy Laboratory (HELab), inaugurated in 2015 at the University of Naples Federico II in Italy.

Safety and containment in chemical handling

When manufacturing or handling dangerous and hazardous chemicals, crucial considerations include safety, full product containment, leakage and operational costs. This article from pump manufacturer PSG discusses how and why sealless pumps can provide benefits over pumps with packing rings or mechanical seals when meeting these requirements.

Seal-free design eliminates downtime

Global producer of polymer emulsions and specialty chemicals, Organik Kimya, is able to optimize the safety and reliability of polymer emulsions’ manufacturing at its Rotterdam plant with Mouvex C24i Series Eccentric Disc Pumps.