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Pump Industry features, January 2009

Pumps made to measure

Paul Meuter of Sulzer Pumps explains how Sulzer tailor-made a seawater injection pump to meet the requirements of a major Middle Eastern oil producer.

Nuclear power: Less resistance to energy efficiency

There are many ways to increase the efficiency of pumps. Here, Lew Beck at Oconee Nuclear Station discusses two of them: firstly the use of ceramic type co


Despite the tight credit markets and challenging global economy, 2008 saw further consolidation within the pump sector. Listed below are the transactions t


Comprehensive and interrelated communication between the field units and a central control station is indispensable in the modern process industry. This is


Positive displacement pumps are still the preferred choice for metering highly corrosive and caustic chemicals. However, when it comes to reducing life-cyc


Ceramics have not always enjoyed the popularity of other non-metallic components. This has partly been due to cost and partly due to pre-conceptions as to


A consideration of the strategies to increase the energy efficiency of centrifugal pumps as a means to imporve the overall energy costs savings of the syst


As the world’s population rises and developing countries improve their standards of living, there will be an ever increasing demand for fresh water. One op


Clogging, or ‘ragging’, is a major headache for operators of sewage pumping stations, and can be very costly in terms of downtime and possible sewage pollu


By monitoring the vibrations and acoustic emissions from critical components inside machines such as hydraulic pumps, fans, blowers or compressors, compani


Industrial pumps are greatly affected by worldwide events as well as new technology. Products become available as the market demands them and the technolog


AC drives are increasingly common in pumping applications. However, their operation produces harmonic currents, which can have a number of detrimental effe


In this third in a series of articles on energy savings in pumps, Hans Vogelesang of PumpSupport considers the factors that should be borne in mind when de


The performance and cost effectiveness of many portable medical devices can be enhanced by tailoring miniature diaphragm pumps and solenoid valves to meet


In the oil and gas industry, reliable pumps can mean the difference between a fully operating, efficient gas compression station and a bottleneck on the pi


Ten years ago, World Pumps put together a brief history of the pump industry telling the story of pump development since the Egyptians invented the ‘shadoo


With the cost of replacement parts increasing each year, two wastewater treatment plants in Ireland and Wales wanted to find an alternative that would impr


The terms of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, coupled with rising energy costs, has led to a radical rethinking about how pumping efficiencies can be improved usin


The concept of sustainable buildings is beginning to gather pace, at least in part, and moves in the UK such as the new Building Regulations Part L2 have h


As our energy reserves dwindle while costs continue to rise and as the spectre of climate change looms ever larger, it becomes ever more imperative to take


The Water Corporation of Western Australia turned on the country's largest seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) plant back in November 2006, starting the delive


Corrosion is the greatest problem encountered in stainless steel structures widely used in seawater pumps - even specialised brine pumps such as those used


Throughout the Middle East and Arabian Gulf, multi-stage flash evaporation desalination is very much the preferred technology for the production of potable


For decades it has been common practice to use circulation pumps in household central heating systems. The advantages are simple: a low noise level, an eff


World Pumps grew from a need of the industry it served to disseminate information about technologies and to discuss the issues that mattered most to end us


To really know how the industry has changed during the lifetime of World Pumps, you have to have been a part of it. Here, we present some insights from fou


A sealless high pressure pump from Hyrdra Cell has transformed the speed and efficiency of cleaning the undersides of a vehicle fleet. Man-hours were cut a


A competitive specification-cost ratio led a manufacturer of functional diagnosis equipment to choose Watson Marlow Pumps’ 314DK peristaltic pump head for


A European office block was experiencing problems with its HVAC system. The answer was found by installing Variable Speed Drives that could be integrated w


We all understand the importance of lubrication to create an efficient pumping system, but it true that purchasing an environmentally considerate lubrican


In the pumping industry, contractors often meet with difficult operating conditions, such as tunnelling deep underground or particularly abrasive pumping m


One of the things that often are crucial at a construction work site is the dewatering issue. Groundwater from surroundings as well as rain can flood the


Until now, the choice between electric-driven or diesel-driven pumps for dewatering applications has not been an even contest. However, rising fuel costs h


Modern reverse osmosis desalination plants operate with high base load capacity and therefore the mechanical reliability and efficiency of high-pressure me


World Pumps took the opportunity to catch up with KSB's Dr Klaus Wagner (vice president sales, Water Segment) to find out more about the company's current


The largest civil engineering project in Ireland entailed building a road tunnel under a roaring tidal river. The massive components had to be prepared in


A food processing plant wanted to find a way to meet odour control regulations without breaking the bank. A range of progressing cavity pumps from Mono m


The pumping station at a European holiday park was old and in need of replacement. To transfer the site's wastewater and effluent effectively, the park dec


A biogas plant required a solution to keep its digestion process working efficiently, ensuring that food waste was reduced down to comply with regulations


Large buildings are prone to enormous variations in their water use. Any new system would need to match these variations using the least amount of energy.


When a Croatian hotel needed a wastewater treatment plant installed on site, but had no existing connection to the municipal sewer tunnel system, a bespo


When a Croatian hotel needed a wastewater treatment plant installed on site, but had no existing connection to the municipal sewer tunnel system, a bespo


One of the more challenging applications for a pump is the hazardous conditions on an oil rig out at sea. A European oil and gas equipment manufacturer ens


Multiphase boosting is widely accepted by major oil companies. When a large-scale oil project in Algeria prioritized high reliability and safety of the who


At a European sewage treatment works, operations relied on the efficiency and productivity of the re-circulating scrubber liquor pumps that control odour.


A deteriorating water supply system on Toas Island in Venezuela made it necessary to install a large reverse osmosis desalination system, designed by the


Today the demand for water is higher than ever. While changing rain patterns have caused difficulties, it is the rise in urban populations and the intensit


At the smelter of a platinum group metals producer in South Africa, a new pump was required to transfer highly abrasive materials and keep the slurry in mo


Mining salt often leaves caverns that have to be filled to stabilize them once extracted. One method is to fill these caverns with tailings produced durin


At the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park, China, a new waste incinerator system was designed to decontaminate and neutralize solids, liquids, gases, and sl


A private health club in the UK wanted the best bathing water for its 8,000 customers. A combination of new filters and Grundfos-Alldos dosing pumps and co


Various wastewater treatment processes require the controlled dosing of chemicals into the process stream either to assist the treatment or to remove undes


Rainwater leachate from metal and chemical industrial process waste is extremely dangerous and creates a highly inhospitable environment for pumps. Tsuru


A ski-ing resort in Colorado has to cope with a dramatic increase in population during its busy winter season. Its wastewater plant required a range of was


UK titration specialist Metrohm has released a method to determine melamine in milk powder and other food using ion chromatography after inline sample dial


A construction site in the US required a five-month a dewatering project. When the banks of the final cut proved unstable and the project ran into proble

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