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Pump Industry features, July 2010

Separating waste with automation

A European waste facility required automation and control equipment to separate paper from commercial and industrial waste. A compact one-stop solution was

Bearings designed for abrasive liquids

Particulates in the water of a central production plant in Kansas City, USA, were causing bushings to fail after 30 months. A natural rubber-based, self-lu


As part of the upgrade of a busy European port, the lock's caissons had to be refurbished. A weatherproof pump was required which would empty the caissons


A Mexican gold mine required a number of products and services for the facility's process pump applications. It was important that the pumps could handle t


A European sewage treatment works was undergoing a major plant upgrade. The main improvements involved the automation of the treatment processes to enable


With eight skips' worth of ragging being removed from a Scottish water treatment works on a weekly basis, continual pump blockages, flooding of local busin


A sewage treatment plant in Denmark needed to rebuild four process tanks to reduce energy consumption. A cost-effective solution was chosen which involved


A gas-turbine supplier was incurring costs for providing the end-user with separate equipment. To rectify this, the supplier sourced a company to design an


Converting organic waste material into re-usable energy is an important part of the UK government's overall strategy for achieving targets for zero food an


A wastewater treatment plant needed to measure the volume of liquid in partially filled pipes. Inaccurate flow measurements in a particularly troublesome s


A Swiss project to extend the rail infrastructure required tunnelling beneath a river. Pumps were needed which would cope with the possible danger of flood


An Irish pumping station was experiencing an excessive number of call-outs to remove blockages from ragging. Local council engineers introduced software at


The manufacture of medicines and creams has its own set of correct production methods and requires a gentle, low shear product handling capability of the p


A Munich theatre built more than 250 years ago needed a revamp to make it more energy efficient. During a four-year renovation, the opportunity was taken t


The organisers of this year's Winter Olympic Games demanded as much from its water infrastructure as did its competitors. A reliable, environmentally frien


A European brick manufacturer sought to uphold its environmental ethos by reducing energy consumption at its plant. An independent audit revealed the fans


Faced with mounting fuel costs, one man and his wife decided to set up a biodiesel plant in their garage. From these small beginnings grew a fully fledged


By replacing its old oil-fired boiler house with four new offsite manufactured packaged plant rooms, including a number of new pumps, Lancashire Constabula


A coal-fired generating station in Arizona required extensive repairs and upgrades. Chemical attack and the subsequent corrosion had to be tackled to preve

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Will support operators of rotating equipment in the US Gulf Coast area.


Termomeccanica Pompe combines big data analysis to CFD to reduce the job time-to-market.


The order includes pumps.


Dry running leads to a surge in pressure, flow or overheating that will instigate a pump failure. As a result, the pumping elements seize up on the shaft.

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