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Pump Industry features, July 2011

At the heart of any hydraulic system, pumps are exposed to severe wear by running at high revolutions over extended periods of time, often handling high te


Some industrial processes require the throttling of high pressure fluids. Hydraulic power recovery turbines can convert the excess pressure into mechanical


In oil and gas pipes, the quality of the root pass of a weld is critical to the structural integrity of the girth weld. Optical Metrology Services Limited


C. Kallesøe, J. Aarestrup and K. Rokkjær of Grundfos analyse the control and design of booster sets from an energy perspective. They investigate how the st


When it came to choosing an HVAC system for a prestigious European development project, the contractors had to obtain low carbon, highly energy efficient e


As water companies reduce water pressure in the domestic mains to reduce leakages, tall buildings are becoming reliant on booster pumps to provide water at


The pumping of high temperature titanium tetrachloride can cause manufacturing and safety issues. So how can we ensure that manufacturing processes are saf


Harmonic distortion is a form of pollution in the electricity supply that can make equipment behave erratically. They can be difficult to identify and user


It is often said that the bigger the project the bigger the potential energy savings. This is true for the Datan power plant, the largest of its kind in n


Centrifugal pumps are widely used in industry and many are driven by induction motors. Failure due to pump bearing degradation would result in an unschedul


While considerable energy savings can be achieved by installing variable speed drives in standard pump systems, VSDs are less common in submersible applica


Jeremy Salisbury from Brammer UK shows how ensuring that a centrifugal process pump operates at optimum speed and efficiency is key to maintaining producti


Increasingly, cities and low-lying areas are at risk of sewer overflow from extreme rainfall. Stormwater tanks can help reduce the impact of extreme climat


Tasked with replacing ageing pumps at a UK Advanced Water Treatment Works (AWTW), engineering, consulting and construction company Black & Veatch opted to


An unwelcome by product of the oil production process is solid waste and waste oil. One option is to bury it and risk the consequential impact on the envir


To keep wastewater lifting stations operating at peak efficiency it is necessary that they remain clean. Caprari with more than 60 years in designing, manu


ProMinent has invested around €500,000 in a new pump test bench which is enabling it to undertake further development of its process metering pumps. This i


When the wastewater and effluent infrastructure of the historic city of Krakow in Poland was in urgent need of renewal and updating, the main objectives be


Residents of Elbow Cay, Bahamas rely on reverse osmosis for most fresh water, often supplied by fixed displacement axial piston pumps for new and retrofit


Since the Haiti earthquake in January 2010, contaminated water has been a contributing factor in the wide spread of cholera. Insufficient power supplies an


A Thames Water sewage treatment works in London was experiencing too much downtime due to maintenance. A new pump was needed which could improve efficiency


Long-term water shortages and an aging infrastructure system mean Kenya is in need of new water supply facilities. Local institutions came together to begi


A gas bulk plant in the United States required a valve upgrade to meet new fire and safety regulations. The company took this opportunity to commission the

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Barney’s Pumps has locations in Lakeland, Coral Springs and Jacksonville.


A ROC provides a quick opening access point to pipelines or pressure vessels, for the installation or removal of equipment.


The CM Connect enables operators to access data from a remote location.


Jeson Pitt works with the marketing department of D & F Liquidators, Hayward, CA, US.


Termomeccanica Pompe combines big data analysis to CFD to reduce the job time-to-market.

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