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Pump Industry features, January 2012

Review of technologies and selection criteria for emergency water supply

This comprehensive review of water technologies for emergency applications identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each water technology. Independent cr


Investment planning and ensuring compliance with regulations has always been important in the UK water industry, but with increasingly complex regulatory f


Leakage is a common problem among many water utilities. It is often caused, and made worse, by the pressure in the water mains being kept at a higher level


It is difficult to find a reliable and cost effective pump for applications having both corrosive and abrasive media. The equipment is expensive to buy and


Monitoring and controlling water and sewage assets across the UK can be a challenge, but utilising modern telecommunications from M.A.C Solutions means uti


Pumps operated in parallel can be a mixed blessing. A well thought-out design, correctly operated, can do wonders for handling variations in duty point but


The Saudi Pump Factory (SPF), headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a pump and valve manufacturer providing fluid handling solutions to meet customer r


An oil industry processing equipment supplier was experiencing a growing demand among their oil & gas customers for equipment to handle the rigours of tran


The idea of transporting oil in pipelines from inland wells to sea ports, was suggested by Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev in 1863, and in 1878 the Amer


The food and drinks industry's requirements are as diverse as its products, placing high demands on processing equipment. From cheese curding to dairy proc


With the discovery of extensive new oil reserves off the Atlantic coast, Brazil is becoming an increasingly important location for the oil & gas industry a


In the mining industry, production is directly related to the plant’s total pumping capacity, and reclaim systems are the main source of water. With the pr


Creating a single test rig for drive motors in the range of a few kilowatts (kW) to over 300 kW can seem like a daunting task, but through the application


Peripheral services to pumps, such as seal water or certain consequences of pump design, can combine to create true product transfer process efficiency. If


The pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries need increasing volumes of very clean water. The requirement for high purity media systems, is rising accord


From 2013 circulator pumps sold in Europe will have to meet new regulatory measures. Having been involved in discussions as to what these energy standards


Maintenance of submersible pumps is complex due to the depth at which they are installed, which makes access difficult. Correct facility design to extend t


A South African initiative to encourage load shifting prompted an in-depth review of pumping processes at the Tugela paper mill’s water supply plant. After


When the fountains in the Trocadero Gardens near the Eiffel Tower in Paris needed extensive renovation work, it was not only a question of what equipment t


Caprari’s recent announcement of a strategic alliance with French manufacturer Peme Gourdin to launch the new High Flow Line range demonstrates a double mo


World Pumps takes a look at the key themes covered by German water and sewage trade fair IFAT which in 2012 promises to be the biggest ever.


Positive displacement air-operated double-diaphragm pump enhancements help operators improve performance, product containment and energy efficiency, says W


Mining is a major driver of the South African economy. However, the country’s water supply is under serious threat of pollution from untreated acid water d


With the vast majority of today’s trade being transported on the seven seas, there are huge opportunities for equipment providers. Not only do vessels need


Neasden Depot is the largest depot in the UK’s London underground network and the main maintenance depot for the Metropolitan tube line. A major refurbishm


‘The Star’ – Singapore's Integrated Cultural, Retail and Entertainment complex, is now well on the way in the one-north precinct, and is said to elevate en


In South Africa, a major initiative to encourage load shifting and reduce strain on the electricity grid prompted one paper mill to investigate the pumping


In this continuing series of articles, Eduardo Larralde and Rafael Ocampo survey the current state of the art concerning gas compressors. Parts 1 and 2 exp


An apprenticeship programme and innovative designs that meet new market needs are basic requirements for continued success in the manufacture of centrifuga


The manufacturing of wafers for photovoltaic (PV) solar panels requires a precise process that puts production equipment to the test. Several of these proc


New oil and gas projects offer significant opportunities and challenges to the US oil and gas industry and to the pump business. Many customers are seeing


The splitting off by ITT Corporation of some of its most well known brands to form Xylem, a company dedicated to the water and wastewater industry, did tak


Laying cables and flow lines in the subsea environment sometimes requires trenches to be formed in the sea bed. One remotely operated vehicle, the ultra-tr


Many industrial processes rely on heat transfer plants, which bring a host of challenges for equipment providers. One manufacturer has found Allweiler solu


The South and Central American markets have experienced tremendous growth over the last decade creating opportunities for domestic and international compan


Many industries today benefit from condition monitoring (CM). Although vibration analysis is the most common method, the emergence of new techniques stimul


A water services provider in Kenya's coast province has installed a new set of vertical multistage pumps at its water treatment plant following a failure.


Here are the nominees for the 2012 Pump Industry Awards.


When a US wastewater treatment plant in South Carolina saw lower flows than expected, due to a delayed housing project, the facility experienced repeated v


Energy savings can be obtained in several ways, but before manufacturers turn to hydraulic optimisation of units or apply new electrical drives or powerful


Frothing and breakdowns were regular occurrences for printer Portishead Press as their air-operated diaphragm pump and its seals could not cope with the ca


Brazil is known for its use of hydropower, but when a small, remote tourism complex in a Brazilian nature reserve needed additional power supply, a convent


Bedford Pumps contributed to an extensive refurbishment of Ashton Avenue sewage pumping station, one of Wessex Water's largest and most critical facilities


Pumps represent a significant target for energy savings. The need to measure, monitor and manage consumption is viewed as an integral part of all process s


Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technologies grant access to natural gas encased in shale formations. However, this is just the start of overc

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