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Pump Industry features, January 2015

Improving energy consumption in Russian market

Russia still has the lowest rate of energy efficiency among all European countries, according to experts and has seen little recent progress.

Control upgrade automates river water regulation

Several major infrastructure projects are currently being carried out in Belgium to automate the operation of pumping stations installed along rivers and c


Abrasion can create one of the most arduous service environments and remains a major challenge for mining operators, going from mineral excavation to metal


Growing environmental legislation is changing needs and causing operators to choose different kinds of pumps for particular applications.


A Landia AirJet aerator has completed 10 years of uninterrupted service at the site’s effluent treatment plant.


Advances in design and a better understanding of the factors that affect performance have helped to extend the operational life of mechanical seals.


When a European barn conversion needed its HVAC system updated, it required careful handling.


A hurricane was the catalyst in bringing about an upgrade to Ellis Islands antiquated sewage system. The old pumps didn't break down solids and there was a


"British researchers found crucial clues to improve the performance of a new class of advanced alloys." Lay summary by Yinbin Miao


The UNESCO World Heritage site of Mont St Michel, Normandy, France attracts more than 2.5 million visitors annually.


EMCO Chemical Distributors has come a long way since starting in the garage of founder Edward Polen in 1971 in the United States city of Chicago.


In some areas of the world, air conditioning is a must. The problem is the drain on energy caused by cooling systems, a challenge which DESMI has embraced


In 2007, European Union (EU) leaders set ambitious environmental targets.


Ensuring customers can buy clean carrots when they visit a supermarket means they have to be thoroughly washed after leaving the field.


As a major global maritime services company, Boskalis requires heavy duty pumps capable of handling demanding tasks while still being mobile. Additionally


A combination of stricter environmental legislation and the dramatic recent fall in oil prices is putting pressure on companies in the industry and their c


An increased focus on controlling greenhouse gas emissions, coupled with escalating demand for electricity and slow progress on nuclear projects is leading


Since the late 1960s, oil mist has excelled as an unusually simple and highly dependable lube application method.


South Africa is seen as a lucrative market by many pump manufacturers. However, the presence of imports is having an effect on the country’s own indigenous


The Troqueer Wastewater Works in Dumfries, Scotland recently received a £14m investment which will enable it to increase its capacity from a population of


World Pumps spoke to Varinder Dhoot, managing director of Kirloskar Pompen BV.


Flow technology specialist SPX combines its experience with innovation to ensure consistent operation and reliability.


Remote cleaning of marine growth from subsea structures is a challenging task often using high pressure water from lances mounted on Remote Operated Vehicl


The 2015 Pump Industry Awards achieved its goal in bringing together the entire pump industry for a celebration of business and professional excellence.


Andrew Smith reports on how some of the best and most promising engineers study for qualifications on a bespoke training course which recently celebrated i


Climate change and spiraling population growth are putting an increasing strain on the world’s water resources. Xylem's Senior VP Tomas Brannemo reveals ho


While many manufacturers turn to greater energy efficiency, new fluid-transfer methods now mean it is possible to accomplish far greater savings than throu


Safety and efficiency are of paramount importance when operating offshore but traditional labour-intensive processes can be slow and hazardous.


When a vertical turbine pump broke twice inside three years at a major US oil refinery, engineers knew there must be a major problem.


BJM's stainless steel pumps tick all the right boxes for safe food production at Nestlé's plant in the US


New Amarinth pump helps Pura Foods to cost effectively increased their production of edible oils


Recent developments of the pump market for the Russian chemical industry and how producers from around the world are reacting to the opportunity.


Certain liquids, which, due to their composition, characteristics, or how they react to process conditions create problems with pumping. Emulsions are just


To meet major food and beverage producer Nestlé’s high standards for safety, a solution was needed to pump both caustic and acidic wastewater laden with so


Many of the leading international semiconductor companies have transferred production to China, making the country a key link in the international industri


The Russian market for chemical pumps is growing rapidly with the rapid development of the country’s chemical industry. It is leading to a battle between d


Pump systems are essential for boosting water pressure in high-rise buildings and most installations require customization to fit the spaces available and


Producing spreadable butter requires highly efficient equipment that is not only accurate but hygienic and durable. As a result, operators at dairy company


When an upstream oil, gas and water treatment provider required a series of specialist blower systems to be installed offshore Brazil as part of their oil


Flood protection and water level management are critical in the Netherlands where up to 60% of the country is below sea level. In one pumping station 80-ye


Steve Shale, marketing manager, Globus, explains why it is a legal requirement to wear appropriate gloves in the right environments and where help is at ha


A look at the factors to take into account when choosing the proper diaphragm that will be suitable for a specific application.


Water system modelling software provides continuous water supply to Sao Paulo, Brazil and saves energy costs.


An extensive refurbishment and repair programme, which created a major logistical and engineering challenge.


Mark Fosshage, President & CEO, World Water Works explains how a biological treatment technology using algae promises to reduce total energy consumption by

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The entire assembly is sold as a fully tested and certified unit.


Dry running leads to a surge in pressure, flow or overheating that will instigate a pump failure. As a result, the pumping elements seize up on the shaft.


Acquisition adds intelligent pump-monitoring and anti-ragging solutions.


KSB offer's lowering of groundwater in open pit dewatering, underground drainage and borehole drainage applications for mines.


The system helps Thai companies achieve their sustainability goals.

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