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Food and drink sector considers exhaust air quality

While there are stringent standards regulating the quality and specification of compressed air applications in the food and beverage production sector, there are no equivalent standards in place for exhaust air quality from vacuum pumps. Here, we look at the best way of managing exhaust air quality from vacuum pumps.

Flood-hit residents fight back against the elements

December sees the first anniversary of floods which devastated a Yorkshire town in the north of the UK. Tadcaster suffered its worst floods on record in 2015 and homes and businesses were damaged and destroyed. This winter the townspeople are fighting back against the elements with specialist water pumps.

German Football Museum keeps its visitors cool

Dortmund is home to the recently opened German Football Museum, offering an entire football experience for visitors. Fans can relive their football memories in carefully controlled ambient temperatures thanks to an air conditioning system which includes pumps supplied by a German manufacturer.

Learning how to make more effective decisions

Choosing, designing and operating the optimal pump system are vital skills which can bring huge savings for a company. The Pump Engineer training programme was created by Pumpenfachingenieur GmbH to help engineers gain the theoretical knowledge and the operational experience which will give them those skills.

New directions for water well installation

As contractors increasingly demand water products and accessories not offered by their usual distributors, Stephen Anderson, president of Merrill Manufacturing, an Iowa-based water well and water system accessory manufacturer which caters for the domestic, residential market, looks at some alternatives which simplify the installation of water wells and pumps.