Moineau-based pumps for extrusion of pellets

The article 'Study of Moineau-based pumps for the volumetric extrusion of pellets' has been published in Elsevier journal Additive Manufacturing.


A volumetric, mini extruder for pellets or granules of recycled plastic that can be used in a RepRap FDM 3D printer for rapid prototyping is discussed. It combines a rotor of a Moineau progressing cavity pump coupled with an Auger screw, both contained inside a stator at high temperatures. The steer Auger portion is added to increase the pressure inside a helix stator container of n-lobes as a helical rotor is turned. A novel, alternative multi-layer Moineau-based pump − easier to build, implement and clean – is also introduced to extrude a quantity of viscous material in vertical direction.

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