Colfax Fluid Handling’ CFHN series utilizes Colfax Fluid Handling’s three-screw design to provide quiet operation, long service life, and low pulsation, delivering the highest ‘Total Savings of Ownership’ across the equipment’s life cycle.

Configurations include an ISO foot or flange mount and ISO interface points that can be rotated in 90 degree increment, making the CFHN series suitable for nearly any mounting and piping configuration.

Available in seventeen displacements across six frame sizes, the CFHN pump is capable of pressures up to 580 psig (40 bar) and flows up to 200 US gpm (760 l/min).

The ball bearing is located within the pumped liquid to provide constant lubrication and cooling, aimed to eliminate any required maintenance or replacement. Elastomeric components are made of long-lasting fluorocarbon, and the case and covers are constructed of cast iron for enhanced thermal properties. The CFHN is also fitted with a friction drive and a single spring mechanical seal.