The MI-D centrifugal pump with a capacity of up to 3.900 m3/h and delivery head of up to 50 m and the turnkey version of the CM-1000 electronic pump controller are for use in control cabinets. The MI-D pumps seawater and fresh water for cooling and ballast systems and the CM-1000 for cooling water pumps can be pre-installed in new ships or installed while underway and brought into service without downtime.
The Allmarine MI-D series cover the needs of ships ranging from about 60’ dwt to more than 200’ dwt and has a double-suction, symmetrical design with just one shaft seal, no internal bearings, and corrosion resistant materials. Colfax says its efficiency level is greater than 80% and the pumps are maintenance free between service intervals. NPSH values of below 4 m make the pumps a good option for ballast systems and four-pole motors reduce space needs and procurement costs compared to six-pole motors.

The CM-1000 controls the flow of cooling seawater pumps according to the temperature of the fresh water and current cooling requirements, thereby saving considerable amounts of electricity. Condition monitoring keeps track of leaks, vibrations, and bearing temperature, so downtime is reduced. When the ship is at a standstill or slow steaming in a cold environment, CM-1000 shuts down the pumps completely and switches them back on automatically as required, which also reduces energy consumption.