Energy managers and energy professionals heard how the company’s approach had reduced one customer’s energy and maintenance costs by 40%, saving around €38,000 in operational costs over the course of a year. The savings are due to the assessment and modernization of the compressed air system at the Tekfor Italy manufacturing plant in Avigliana near Turin, Italy.
Ingersoll Rand says it uses the company’s expertise to turn the liabilities of an inefficient system into a performance advance and find new ways of creating value, productivity and efficiency gains for its customers.
Based on its assessment of Tekfor, it provided the company with a tailored solution that in February 2016 allowed for the replacement of the unnecessary oil-free compressors with oil-flooded units and the creation of a completely new compressor room with new dryers, piping and control system. The newly installed ISO12100 certified oil-flooded compressors are fixed speed R160ie, R132n with variable speed drive and a refurbished IRN160K-CC to serve as back up.
The Ingersoll Rand fixed speed R132n with variable speed drive compressor.