Jet Edge, a global designer and manufacturer of water jet systems for precision cutting, surface preparation and coating removal, will unveil its new Permalign EDGE taper control and bevel cutting technology and eco-friendly ECO-JET direct drive water jet pump at FabTech, Las Vegas, 12-14 November.

The 30hp, 55 KSI (22 kw, 3,800 bar) Jet Edge Eco-Jet water jet pump features an efficient direct drive pump design that the company claims consumes up to 40% less electricity than a 50 hp (37 kw) hydraulic intensifier pump, but produces the same output. The Eco-Jet produces up to 1 gpm (3.78 l/m ) of 55 KSI (3,800 bar) ultra-high pressure (UHP) water for precision cutting, cleaning and surface preparation applications. It runs a .015 in (.38 mm) water jet orifice and can power most manufacturers' water jet cutting systems and water jet tools.

Jet Edge's 100hp, 90KSI (75 kw, 6200 bar), X-Stream xP90-100 water jet intensifier pump is capable of producing 90 KSI (6,200 bar) and supports 75 KSI (5,200 bar) continuous operating pressure. The X-Stream is claimed to achieve much faster cutting speeds and drastically lowers operating costs compared to traditional 60 KSI (4100 bar) water jet pumps, enabling users to increase productivity and reduce part costs.