Allweiler says that the Allseal module can detect wear of the mechanical seal as soon as it begins and immediately warns the operator of any leaks. The pump can then be automatically switched off and pumping tasks switched over to a secondary unit.
Allweiler says it has developed the new series of modules to preserve value and reduce costs. The company adds that the Allseal technology is available on Allweiler’s vertically installed screw pumps and eliminates unpleasant surprises caused by sudden or gradual leaks. The new monitoring and control system protects the pump from damage, extends its service life, and prevents expensive interruptions of the pumping process. Allseal is also said to be an ideal solution for pump operators that need to comply with special environmental regulations or other requirements such as SOLAS directives for flammable and explosive liquids.
According to Allweiler, the opto-electronic system immediately detects if a liquid escapes around the mechanical seal. Unusual leaks trigger acoustic and visual warning signals. These signals may be integrated into a centralised control system or forwarded to a monitoring station. Depending on the specific installation, the leaking pump may be switched off automatically and operation simultaneously switched over to a reserve unit. Allseal is available on almost all new Allweiler screw pumps and can be retrofitted on existing pumps.