The Mitey-AirVac pumps now come in two models with MTY-1 measuring 3.31 in x 3.66 in x 4.11 in and the MTY-2 measuring 3.31 in x 6.41 in x 4.11 in with flow rates ranging from 0.74 to 4.4 SCFM.

According to Anver Corp, the pumps are fully integrated into one box which includes a venturi, an internal check valve which maintains vacuum in case of a power loss, switches, and a gauge.
The Mitey-AirVac pumps pull 26 in Hg vacuum with very low 1.27 SCFM air consumption. The pumps from Anver Corp are available with a panel face mounted switch for release/blow-off or with a remote switch that activates a blow-off for quick release.

The Mitey-AirVac range from Anver Corp is suitable for industrial, laboratory, and material handling applications.