With a unit width of 54 mm and rated currents from 40 to 80 A (three-phase AC, 400 V), the CWB80 is said to be more compact than conventional devices in the same power class (18.5 to 37 kW), proving a versatile solution for a wide range of industrial applications.

To minimise the footprint, WEG has designed the CWB80 so that the power contacts are separated from the auxiliary contacts and control terminals. The mounting sockets for the auxiliary contacts save space and enable toolless mounting of two-pole or four-pole auxiliary contact blocks.

Thanks to a user-friendly modular design, installers can quickly and easily assemble high-performance combination starter modules with short-circuit and overload protection by mating CWB80 power contactors with WEG’s MPW80 motor protection circuit breakers. In situations where short-circuit protection is not required, thermal motor protection relays from the RW67 series can be attached directly.

The expanded portfolio of CWB power contactors now provides reliable switching for motors with power ratings from 4 to 37 kW.

Various types of snubbers can be plugged in quickly and easily, with no tools. The terminals are easily accessible and are located at different mounting levels according to the contact type. For switched currents up to 38 A, energy-efficient DC coils enable direct control by a PLC without a supplementary coupling relay. The accessory auxiliary contact blocks and snubbers fit all contactors in the CWB series, simplifying stock-keeping, type selection and configuration.