The first ECO:nomics solution from Armstrong is the IPS controller which offers energy efficiency and carbon reduction in multi-zone, multi-pump HVAC heating and chilled water applications. Energy savings of up to 47.5% can be made (compared to a constant speed, constant volume system) by harnessing IPS advanced control technology in systems incorporating variable speed drive pumps.

These efficiencies can be achieved because the IPS controller processes field signals to determine the sequencing of any optimal duty point of any pump. Pumps are controlled on a ‘best efficiency’ basis and utilise ‘wire to water efficiency’ control to optimise energy consumption of all system components at all times.

There are three controllers in the range - Series 3000, 5000 and 9000 models - with capabilities ranging from simple pump speed and sequencing, up to energy monitoring, efficiency optimisation, chiller plant sequencing, standard programmed algorithms and project specific functionality. They are available in 2 to 18 zone configurations.

Controllers are available with different levels of BMS integration including protocols such as ModBus, LonWorks, BACnet and MetaSys. Fault, alarm and event logs are also built-in, stored in non-volatile FLASH memory, with memory recall of all data after power interruption. The controllers have been designed with simplicity of operation as a priority and have touch-screen control interfaces and straightforward commissioning processes.