Arpro’s bead form provides structurally-sound performance.
Arpro’s bead form provides structurally-sound performance.

The material has been specified by IMAT SpA, part of the steel processing giant Marcegaglia, is specialised in the manufacturing of components for the refrigeration industry and of heat pump systems for the laundry industry and the water heater industry.

Produced by JSP, Arpro wil be used to produce an application for the Mizar line of heat pumps to cover the internal technology, protecting it from exposure to moisture and corrosion, while also giving thermal and sound insulation.

Using Arpro, manufactured by JSP, the Imat team designed a cover that would not only meet the requirements of functionality, but also provide a pleasing exterior.

Proven performance

Massimo Rigoni at Imat explained that Arpro was chosen over more traditional materials due to its proven performance in applications across various sectors and its ability to be adapted to suit our needs. “We came to the conclusion that Arpro would be ideal to use within domestic heat pumps as it was lighter in weight than more traditional materials such as metal or plastic and could easily be manipulated into the required shape. This resulted in an application that was cost-effective to produce and economically viable. By using such a material within our heat pumps we were also able to reduce the sound levels and achieve energy savings – important features for the end users.”

Arpro’s bead form provides structurally-sound performance, but also allows designers to take advantage of its other features, such as high noise absorption, to develop a product without any compromise. With a product such as the Mizar, Arpro was able to meet the specific targets set by Imat that has resulted in a heat pump that is compact, lightweight, highly efficient and boasts low noise levels.