Energy and Buildings is an international journal publishing articles with explicit links to energy use in buildings. The aim is to present new research results, and new proven practice aimed at reducing the energy needs of a building and improving indoor environment quality. Energy and Buildings considers and publishes articles considerably advancing Building Science. Preference is given to practical and experimental research articles reporting considerable innovations. Articles reporting advances in theoretical and simulation methods are welcome once results are fully validated using appropriate experimental data, and so are the articles reporting application of numerical or theoretical methods for the analysis of new technology and materials and innovative designs.

Topics covered include:

  • Energy demands and consumption in existing and future buildings - prediction and validation
  • Indoor environment quality, including health and thermal comfort vis-à-vis energy
  • Natural, mechanical and mixed ventilation
  • Air distribution in buildings
  • Application of solar and other renewable energy sources in buildings
  • Energy balances in building complexes (residential, commercial, industrial, public and other buildings)
  • Energy efficiency improvement measures of HVAC&R and other technical systems in residential, commercial, public and industrial buildings, and semi open built spaces
  • Heat recovery systems in buildings
  • Buildings and district heating and cooling
  • Energy conservation in built environment
  • Energy efficient buildings
  • Building physics
  • Energy sustainability, resilience and climate adaptability of buildings
  • Evaluation and control of indoor thermal and lighting systems
  • Building's total performance and intelligent buildings
  • Links between architectural design, mechanical and lighting systems
  • New materials in buildings and their impact on energy demands
  • External and internal design conditions for energy efficient buildings
  • Building envelope materials and structure energy performance
  • Thermal energy storage and thermally active building systems - TABS
  • Energy performance of buildings and modeling predictive control
  • Zero CO2 emission - zero energy and energy plus buildings and their smart grid harmonized operation
  • Residential/municipal energy refurbishment and renovation
  • Life cycle energy efficiency of buildings and embodied energy
  • Architectural structure - construction energy efficiency
  • Energy related aspects of buildings after catastrophic events
Papers with results based on simulations are welcome but those with clear links to laboratory or field measurements are preferred. These links may include calibration, benchmarking, or comparisons of results.
Replication Studies: This journal encourages the submission of replication studies. When submitting your manuscript ensure the original study is clearly referenced, and provide a link to the original study. Replication studies should include [brief] introduction and discussion sections that succinctly report the goal of the original paper. The original paper should be the work of a different author or group of authors. For replication studies please also deposit your data in Mendeley data or another trusted repository and ensure your data is properly cited. Please refer to the section on Research data for further guidance on data deposition and citation.

Editorial board


  • Jianlei Niu
    Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Mattheos Santamouris
    National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athina, Greece


  • Hashem Akbari
    Concordia University Department of Building Civil and Environmental Engineering, Montréal, Quebec, Canada
  • Manuela Almeida
    University of Minho Department of Civil Engineering, Guimaraes, Portugal
  • Christopher Chao
    University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
  • Richard de Dear
    The University of Sydney School of Architecture Design and Planning
  • Karim Ghazi Wakili
    Institute for Applied Building Physics, Winterthur, Switzerland
  • Tianzhen Hong
    E O Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California, United States
  • Panagiota Karava
    Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
  • Dionysia (Denia) Kolokotsa
    Technical University of Crete, Chania, Greece
  • Tilmann Kuhn
    Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, Freiburg, Germany
  • Roberto Lamberts
    Federal University of Santa Catarina Department of Civil Engineering, Santa Catarina, Brazil
  • Z. John Zhai
    University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, Colorado, United States
  • Li-Zhi Zhang
    South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China
  • Yinping Zhang
    Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Former Editors

  • F.S. Higgs
    Brosis Innovations Inc, Carmel Valley, California, United States
  • A. Meier
    E O Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California, United States
  • S. Selkowitz
    E O Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California, United States

Editorial Board

  • Francis Allard
    University of La Rochelle, La Rochelle, France
  • Fabrizio Ascione
    University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy
  • Godfried Augenbroe
    Georgia Tech Partnership, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
  • William Bahnfleth
    Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Constantinos A. Balaras
    National Observatory of Athens, Athens, Greece
  • Umberto Berardi
    Ryerson University Department of Architectural Science, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Stefan Bouzarovski
    The University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Harry Boyer
    University of La Réunion Faculty of Human Sciences and Environment, Le Tampon, France
  • Luisa F. Cabeza
    University of Lleida, Lleida, Spain
  • Wongee Chun
    Jeju National University, Jeju, Korea, Republic of
  • Francesco Fiorito
    Polytechnic of Bari, Bari, Italy
  • Christian Ghiaus
    National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon, Villeurbanne, France
  • Rajat Gupta
    Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Jan Hensen
    University of Technology Eindhoven, Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Arif Hepbasli
    Yasar University, İzmir, Turkey
  • Taehoon Hong
    Yonsei University, Department of Architecture & Architectural Engineering, College of Engineering, Seoul, Korea, Republic of
  • Christian Inard
    University of La Rochelle, La Rochelle, France
  • Ollie Jay
    The University of Sydney, Faculty of Medicine and Health, New South Wales, Australia
  • Yi Jiang
    Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
  • Karel Kabele
    Czech Technical University in Prague, Praha, Czech Republic
  • Azra Korjenic
    TU Wien University, Austria
  • Jarek Kurnitski
    Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Chengwang Lei
    The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
  • Ronnen Levinson
    E O Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California, United States
  • Yuguo Li
    University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
  • Zhengrong Li
    Tongji University, Shanghai, China
  • Noam Lior
    University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
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    Loughborough University, Loughborough, United Kingdom
  • Sylvie Lorente
    Toulouse School of Engineering, Toulouse, France
  • Ardeshir Mahdavi
    TU Wien University, Wien, Austria
  • John Mardaljevic
    Loughborough University, Loughborough, United Kingdom
  • Alberto Muscio
    University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Modena, Italy
  • Fergus Nicol
    Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Baris Özerdem
    Izmir University of Economics, İzmir, Turkey
  • Riccardo Paolini
    University of New South Wales, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • Agis Papadopoulos
    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Anna Laura Pisello
    University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy
  • Priyadarsini Rajagopalan
    RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
  • David J. Sailor
    Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, United States
  • Stefano Schiavon
    University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, California, United States
  • Chandra Sekhar
    National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
  • Valentina Serra
    Polytechnic of Turin, Torino, Italy
  • Carey Simonson
    University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Veronica Soebarto
    The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia, South Australia, Australia
  • Hideki Takebayashi
    Kobe University, Kobe, Japan
  • Shin-ichi Tanabe
    Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Creative Science and Engineering Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineeri, Tokyo, Japan
  • Kwok Wai Tham
    National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
  • Aris Tsangrassoulis
    University of Thessaly Department of Architecture, Volos, Greece
  • Athanasios Tzempelikos
    Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
  • Andreas Wagner
    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Department of Architecture, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • LiangZhu Wang
    Concordia University, Montréal, Quebec, Canada
  • Xudong Yang
    Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
  • Hiroshi Yoshino
    Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
  • Chang-Ying Zhao
    Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Fahua Campus, Shanghai, China
  • Michele Zinzi
    ENEA National Agency for New Technologies Energy and Economic Sustainable Development, Roma, Italy
  • Stamatis Zoras
    University of Derby, Derby, United Kingdom

Honorary Editor

  • B. Todorovic
    University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia