The required skid package for the platform was constrained by an existing project which was already well underway. The specification was for a 3.6m x 1.5m skid to house the pump, seal support system and all associated pipework, monitoring and ancillary equipment.

A 38 week delivery requirement led to an evolving scope to fit the specified duty and space constraints with Amarinth advising on the pump selection, packaging and design considerations to fit with the existing infrastructure.
The final “plug-and-play” skid package, which also incorporated a unique lifting frame carefully designed for the stresses involved in correctly positioning the skid in the water treatment package on the platform, has just been delivered on-time.
Oliver Brigginshaw, managing director of Amarinth, said: “Our willingness to look at the most demanding of problems, combined with our engineering agility to design bespoke skid packages on short lead times, ensured that we were able to deliver a pumping solution that met all of the challenging criteria for this water treatment package within the timescales required enabling the overall project schedule to be maintained for the end-user.”