The package supplied by Colfax Corporation, provider of fluid handling solutions for critical applications, includes four Houttuin twin-screw pumps and five VFD control panels for the processing of oily water at the Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) Seria Crude Oil Terminal (SCOT) oil exporting facility.
“This is a breakthrough sale for Colfax in Brunei. Phase-3 of the BSP Seria project will begin next year and Colfax is well positioned to expand supply,” said Michael K. Dwyer, senior vice-president and general manager of Colfax Asia Pacific. Colfax attributes the successful sale to its product’s reputation, competitive price and the organisation’s technical expertise. Colfax says that its ability to deliver on a tight schedule was also of key importance - the pumps will arrive on site by August and plant operations start at the end of 2009. Colfax has a ten year presence in the Asia Pacific and well-established manufacturing and client bases in the region.