DFOs are used to fuel emergency backup generators for commercial buildings, hospitals, schools and data centers, as well as fueling other large engines, boilers and industrial ovens and kilns.

Viking’s DFO selection software enables users to select the features they want, including pump flow rate and pressure, strainer type and mesh, valving, instrumentation, and control panel alarms. Options can be emailed to a local Viking Pump distributor, who can quickly provide a quote as well as mechanical and electrical drawings and specifications.

“Every engineer wants it their own way, which can get expensive,” said John Hall, product manager. “Instead of designing unique skids for each project, the Viking selection software lets them simply pick the features specified 90% of the time, helping to keep costs down.”

Some of the new optional features include increased pressures to 500 PSI; expanded viscosities to 5000 SSU, which enables use on #2, 4, 5 & 6 Fuel Oils; added Simplex pump sets (in addition to duplex); added API ball and check valves and UL-listed connectors and other components.