The VorTeq hydraulic pumping system from Energy Recovery channels abrasive fluids away from existing hydraulic fracturing pumps, allowing them to only process fresh water.

This not only cuts maintenance costs with the company claiming it will more than double the lifecycle of components, but means the pumps last significantly longer.
"The new VorTeq pumping system will change the way that companies frack, providing a more reliable and more cost-effective process,” said Tom Rooney, CEO of Energy Recovery.
The first company to use the product is Liberty Oilfield Services.
"This system will give service providers a competitive edge by allowing substantial cost savings and additional production capacity. With fewer at-risk hours spent on maintenance, we believe VorTeq will also enhance safety during frac jobs," said  Ron Gusek, vice president technology and development, Liberty Oilfield Services.
The core of the VorTeq hydraulic pumping system is Energy Recovery's Pressure Exchanger technology used in more than 15,000 desalination installations worldwide.