Lewa, under its parent company Nikkiso, has opened a new competence center called: ‘Nikkiso Cryo Europe’ at Lewa in Milan, Italy,

The aim is to improve the customer proximity and shorten the response cycle for cryogenic submerged motor pumps, while looking to create a stronger internal network.

The competence center complements the production and test sites in Higashimurayama (Japan) and
Las Vegas (USA) by bringing together consultancy and sales activities for Nikkiso cryogenic pumps.
The UK office, previously responsible for these tasks in Europe, was closed down. From now on, Nikkiso Cryo Europe in Italy will take over the responsibilities and deliver various pump parts.

From now onward, European customers will have local contact persons and they will not be required to handle their requests via Japan or the U.S.

In the future, the manufacturer of pumps and systems will focus on expanding the services. The targets are to shorten bidding times and improve the provision of technical consultancy services. Moreover, the entire order processing including commissioning and maintenance will be coordinated by experts at Lewa Italy.