Weir Oil & Gas has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) to share industry expertise and deliver hands-on experience.

Under the agreement, Weir will share its oil and gas expertise with ASOIU, a non-profit public higher education institution founded in 1920 and based in Baku, via workshops, seminars, joint projects and internship programs focusing on the technologies and products utilized in oil field equipment, as well as rotating machinery.

Weir and ASOIU will also offer workshops for the hands-on training of students in assembly, repair, inspecting and testing of equipment, as well as seminars on design, operation and testing of specific equipment to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The two parties will also establish joint projects and Weir will enroll selected students in internship programs to prepare them for the industry.

“Weir is delighted to have signed this Memorandum of Understanding with Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University,” said Altug Bilgic, general manager of Russia and Central Asia, Weir Oil & Gas. “The University is a highly-regarded institution and we look forward to providing real-world opportunities to expand on their current teachings.”

“Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University recognizes Weir as a leader in the oil and gas industry and is thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from their expertise,” said Mustafa Babanli, rector of ASOIU. “We believe that for our teachers and students alike, the education and support Weir can provide will lead to bettering our institution and preparing our students to be part of the industry’s future.”