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Operating & Design features

Modelling of cooling towers with parallel heat exchangers, pumps and cooling water network

A cooling water circuit consisting of 3 cooling towers in parallel, 2 cooling water pumps in parallel and 11 heat exchangers in parallel is modelled.

A data indicator-based deep belief network to detect axial piston pump faults

A method using deep belief networks is proposed to detect multiple faults in axial piston pumps.

Free-layer visco-elastic damping material treatment can reduce the vibration and noise of axial piston pumps.

The clearance flow between the runner and the stationary parts greatly influences the efficiency and hydraulic thrust of pump-turbines.

Solar photovoltaic pumping systems are widely used in rural areas.

New methodology proposed that allows for fast, efficient pre-screening of hydraulic fluids and correlates well with the Vickers vane pump test.

An integrated model is presented in which the pump network, cooling water network and cooling tower are designed as a whole system.

Increased demand for multiphase pumps has made it necessary to optimize their operating performance.

This article presents a design for a novel electromagnetic micro-actuator prototype.

The twin-screw vacuum pump has an outstanding pumping performance during operation, and is widely used in the semiconductor industry.

External gear pumps are used in various industries to pump non-Newtonian viscoelastic fluids like plastics, paints and inks.

An oil pump simulation model for a hermetic reciprocating compressor is proposed.

Performance of a new cascaded compression-absorption heat pump is compared with that of compression, absorption and hybrid heat pumps.

Failures of centrifugal pumps in a cooling system of diesel power plant were investigated.

TechnoAlpin helps make provision in plant design

Tests have verified that twisted vice blades on centrifugal pumps are effective and practical.

A numerical study on the influence of cross sectional shape of floor splitter on the effectiveness of vorticity reduction in pump intake.

This article looks at five factors to consider when choosing a diesel generator.

During a mechanical seal replacement of a major gas plant, the pump was found to be operating below Minimum Continuous Stable Flow.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority is building a low lake level pumping station for Las Vegas and Southern Nevada.

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Free-layer visco-elastic damping material treatment can reduce the vibration and noise of axial piston pumps.


This article explores the possibility of designing a hydraulic element which is fit for Industry 4.0.

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