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Operating & Design CHANGE CATEGORY

Operating & Design features

Assessing the potential for screw pumps to substitute the centrifugal pumps traditionally used for engine cooling.


Using noise subtraction and marginal enhanced square envelope spectrum (MESES) for detecting bearing defects in centrifugal and axial pumps.


A mathematical model to simulate the internal flow field of a claw-type hydrogen circulating pump.


An optimization algorithm to control the operation of water pumps and minimize energy consumption.


How ProMinent's smartphone app gives greater pump control while increasing employee safety and technical service efficiency.


Collaboration between Sulzer specialists in Asia, Europe and the USA allowed pumps from individual designs to be manufactured in China.


Guidance on how to optimize slurry pump impeller designs to reduce wear.


A diagnostic model designed to overcome the restrictions of traditional mechanical fault diagnosis.


An analysis of the impeller's tip clearance size on the underwater vehicle's operating characteristics.


Study shows that Spectral Kurtosis is a useful tool for the prevention of cavitation related faults in centrifugal pumps.


CFD technology was employed to study the effect of variation in blade thickness of the impeller with the aim of improving stall characteristics.


A novel discharge port was designed.


A novel type of drainage gas recovery in coalbed methane production.


Investigating the effects of installing pressure-sustaining valves at consumer connections.


A wear degradation model to clarify the variation in cylinder bore wear contour.


A model to predict the relative viscosity of stable emulsion within an ESP.


A method to predict cavitation performance of a mixed flow pump.


The life cycle assessment technique was used to study water supply pumps in buildings.


A case study from West Anatolia, Turkey.


Development of a novel sliding vane rotary pump model-based optimization approach.

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The 2022 Pump Industry Awards will take place 24 March 2022.


How ProMinent's smartphone app gives greater pump control while increasing employee safety and technical service efficiency.