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Operating & Design CHANGE CATEGORY

Operating & Design features

Modelling the solar power and entire water pumping systems.


Large-Eddy Simulations were conducted on a centrifugal pump at design and reduced flow-rates for three diffuser geometries.


Model is validated using a 3D printed peristaltic pump and pulsatile flow rate test bench.


Telemetry-connected sensors installed on 480 electrical groundwater pumps aim to improve monitoring and support operation of these water supplies.


A look at the latest reverse engineering techniques and advances in additive manufacturing to extend the service life of pumps and improve performance.


A novel method to diagnose faults based on vibration data.


A review of methods and experimental studies.


Utilizing a feedforward active noise canceling algorithm the airborne noise emission of a centrifugal pump could be reduced significantly.


Two technologies have been combined to develop a high-performance microfluidic driver.


Controlling pressure of a VDRPP using a PID controller with an appropriate valve plate.


Advances in manufacturing, repair and monitoring technology help face the challenges of operating conditions, corrosive media and rising operating costs.


The effect of the pump's rotor profile geometry on flow characteristics was studied.


A review of different solar energy-based pumping systems.


How the rotor-stator interaction in a single-stage progressing cavity pump impacts flow rate and pressure.


Flexipump is a low-cost irrigation pump for farmers in the developing world. Specialised software from Siemens helped refine and optimise this design.


Variations of pump characteristic parameters with time were examined.


The working range of the pump was studied when pumping coal-water slurries.


The configuration design, working mode, optimization and application of different piezoelectric pumps are summarised.


A comparison between the conical rotor and variable-pitch rotor was conducted.


A fault diagnosis method combining empirical wavelet transform (EWT), principal component analysis (PCA) and extreme learning machine (ELM) is proposed.

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Dry running leads to a surge in pressure, flow or overheating that will instigate a pump failure. As a result, the pumping elements seize up on the shaft.


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