Centrifugal pump impellers with twisted inlet vice blades

The research article 'Design and experiment of the centrifugal pump impellers with twisted inlet vice blades' has been published in Elsevier journal Journal of Hydrodynamics, Ser. B


In order to introduce gap drainage technology into practice, the design concept and expression format of spatial geometry are proposed for gap drainage impeller with twisted vice blades. First, the profile of vice blade at leading edge and relative position of main blade need to be parameterized. In addition, the influence of these parameters on the performance of a centrifugal pump should be studied. After the above-mentioned work is done, a centrifugal pump with good performance can be designed. On the basis of previous research results, the geometric parameters of twisted blades are determined and the centrifugal pump impellers are designed and manufactured. Through performance tests and cavitation tests, it is verified that the twisted vice blades on centrifugal pumps are effective and practical.

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