Novel rotor for twin-screw vacuum pumps

The research article 'Research of a novel eccentric involute rotor and its performance analysis for twin-screw vacuum pumps' has been published in Elsevier journal Vacuum (Volume 176, June 2020, 109309).


Screw rotors or their cross-sectional profiles primarily determine the performance of twin-screw vacuum pumps. In order to develop new types of screw rotors with high comprehensive performance, a novel eccentric involute screw rotor (EIR) was constructed, and its geometric model was established. Its cross-sectional profile only consists of four curves, in which an eccentric involute is used to smoothly connect addendum and dedendum circular arcs. Moreover, effects of geometric parameters on the area-utilizing ratio and spatial contact curve of the proposed EIRs were analyzed. The proposed EIR was compared with the conventional screw rotor concerning the spatial contact curves. The results show that the proposed EIR has the continuous spatial contact curve during operations.

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