Influence of vane geometry on flow ripple in balanced vane pumps

The research article 'On the relation between vane geometry and theoretical flow ripple in balanced vane pumps' has been published in Elsevier journal Mechanism and Machine Theory (Volume 146, April 2020, 103736).


Advancements related to the correlation between pump design parameters and the kinematic flow ripple in balanced vane pumps are addressed in the present work. In particular, the study focuses the attention on the influence of the vane geometry on the oscillations of the flow rate produced by the volume variation of both under-vane pockets and displaced chambers, that is known as one of the most relevant sources of noise in hydraulic systems. The working principle of the machine is detailed and used as starting point to deduce analytical correlations describing both vane kinematics and delivery flow rate ripple. The set of results that can be achieved with the obtained formulation is evaluated by means of a nondimensional parametric study including the two main design parameters defining the vane geometry, i.e. thickness and tip radius. The resulting trends demonstrate that the theoretical delivery flow ripple is closely related to the vane design and the cam ring shape profile.

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