MIRUS International has launched a LINEATOR Advanced Universal Harmonic Filter (AUHF) that matches the performance of Active Front Ends (AFE) or Active Harmonic Filters (AHF). Known as the LINEATOR High Performance (HP), it creates efficiency gains of at least 2% the company states, and is free of high frequency harmonics and noise issues associated with inverters used in active solutions.

MIRUS International president Tony Hoevenaars said: “The LINEATOR HP is a leap forward for harmonic filters for mission critical operations. Our new high performance filter reflects our commitment to bringing the best power quality improvement products to the market.''

Unlike AFEs or AHFs, the LINEATOR HP ‎passive harmonic filter does not inject higher frequency voltage distortion (frequencies above the 50th up to the 100th harmonic) or higher electromagnetic interference (EMI) common-mode voltages and ground currents into the electrical supply system. These higher voltage harmonics are known contributors to failures in other connected equipment, including power supplies of critical electronic controls, online test equipment, computers, PLCs, circuit breakers with electronic trips and other crucial power system protection equipment.

“The LINEATOR HP is more reliable and easier to maintain than any of the complex AFE drives or active filters currently available,” said Al Archambault, MIRUS International’s director of sales. “The efficiencies achieved with our LINEATOR HP have really set new standards in passive filter performance.”

Specifying the LINEATOR HP for application with standard 6-Pulse VFD's provides end-users with low harmonic drive systems at 20 to 30 per cent less in capital costs than other solutions. Operating costs are also significantly lowered due to the higher efficiency gains, MIRUS stated this week.