The turn-key contract, which covers 12 main circulation pumps, is worth more than €40 million.
Westinghouse Electric Sweden will be responsible for the design and engineering of the pumps in collaboration with manufacturer KSB Group. TVO’s delivery also covers the provision of supporting services during the erection period.
“The replacement of the main circulation pumps is one of the most significant modernisation projects in TVO’s history. The current pumps have been in operation for 35 years, and the replacement of the pumps will for its part ensure the continued reliable and safe operation of the plant units,” said TVO senior vice president, Engineering, Sami Jakonen.
The main circulation pumps, which pump water through the reactor core, will be replaced during the annual outages of 2016–2018. One new pump will first be erected at Olkiluoto 1 and operational tests will then be carried out. All six Olkiluoto 2 pumps will then be replaced in 2017, followed by the replacement of the remaining old pumps at Olkiluoto 1.
The new pumps will produce a greater flow that the current pumps.