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Stuttgart waste-to-energy system will use Saxlund Solids Pump

Saxlund International GmbH has won a SEK15 million order to deliver handling equipment, including its Solids Pump, for the expansion of a waste-to-energy solution at the Mühlhausen wastewater treatment plant in Stuttgart, Germany.

The order is for a turnkey expansion that will allow Stuttgart’s wastewater treatment plant to increase its capacity to take care of sewage sludge from other wastewater treatment plants in the area. The sludge will be dried and used as biofuel for the production of renewable heat and power, replacing fossil fuels in Stuttgart’s energy mix.

At the heart of the delivery is Saxlund’s Solids Pump designed especially for sewage sludge. Saxlund recently completed a similar delivery to Hamburg’s Köhlbrandhöft wastewater plant.
Saxlund International is a fully-owned subsidiary of energy and environmental technology group Opcon AB.


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