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Micro-Epsilon extends sensor range

Micro-Epsilon has extended its mainSENSOR series of magneto-inductive displacement measurement sensors.

Micro-Epsilon's new sensor is a slimline version with an M18 stainless steel housing. The new MDS-45-M18-SA also provides a longer measuring range, from 20 mm up to 55 mm, depending on the size of the magnet, and has increased frontal pressures of up to 400bar. An additional groove around the housing enables the measuring system to be sealed with an O-ring, protecting the sensor from oil, seawater and other aggressive substances. Typical applications for the MDS-45-M18-SA include hydraulic valves, attenuators and subsea hydraulics.

Micro-Epsilon’s mainSENSOR range operates on the magneto-inductive measuring principle. The sensor coil is supplied with alternating current, resulting in a primary magnetic field. This magnetic field induces eddy currents in the electrically conductive material arranged opposite the coil. In the field of the eddy current sensor is a special film, which attenuates the eddy current sensor depending on the strength of the magnetic field. Using this method, a linear relationship between the distance to the magnet and the output signal can be established. As printed coils can be used inside the sensor, manufacturing does not rely on any semiconductor processes.


The mainSENSOR family now includes three standard sensor ranges, including the new slimline MDS-45-M18-SA range. Existing sensors the MDS-45-M30-SA has a 55 mm measuring range and an M30 cylindrical, barrel-type stainless steel housing, while the MDS-45-K-SA is a miniature flat rectangular PCB version of the sensor with a plastic housing, countersunk M4 screw connection and a 55 mm measuring range.


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