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Keen Pump is announcing brand new test lab facility

Keen Pump Company Inc. is to complete a brand new state-of-the-art test lab facility on its existing 35 acre complex by the first quarter 2016.

As Keen Pump’s growth continues to expand in the submersible wastewater market, this will be the first of many challenging and positive changes in 2016 for the Keen Pump facility, headquartered in Ashland, Ohio.

Keen Pump says it takes great pride in water testing every production pump before it ships and efficiency will be greatly increased for all pumps over 20 horsepower as the company transitions from its current offsite test facility to the new facility. Keen Pump will be able to fully test all production and research & development projects in one common location. The importance of production testing guarantees consistency of the product and allows Keen to closely monitor all of its performance data for published curves. Keen Pump says the end result is a well-tested product that its customers depend upon knowing the product will perform as required.

The test facility contains a 40,000-gallon test pit, (1) one test loop up to 60hp, (1) test loop +60hp thru 150hp, 3-ton overhead crane, and state-of-the-art controls.

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