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Caprari makes waves at Futuro Remoto

Italian pump manufacturer, Caprari, took part in the Futuro Remoto (Remote Future) exhibition in October 2016, showcasing its DESERT submersible electric pump.

The 30th edition of Futuro Remoto, which every year focuses on scientific and technological culture in Italy, took place in Naples in 2016 and its theme was construction.
The Caprari DESERT submersible electric pump was part of a section entitled "Water and energy in the water systems of Smart Cities" developed by professors Armando Carravetta, Oreste Fecarotta and Giuseppe Del Giudice of the University of Naples Federico II.
The model showed how water is drawn from underground by submersible pumps, and it allowed exhibition visitors to interactively adjust the pumped flow, to measure all hydraulic and electrical parameters and to determine the energy efficiency of the lifting.
During the four days of the exhibition, technicians and students from Federico II university took turns working with the model, explaining the techniques for lifting water from wells, operation of water pumps and the importance of pursuing energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Caprari's continuous research is focused on the development of products at the service of the environment, working both for its preservation and optimisation of performance and energy savings. 

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