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Leybold launches fore-vacuum pump for analytics market

Vacuum pump specialist, Leybold GmbH recently developed a family of dry-compressing multi-stage Roots vacuum pumps, the ECODRY plus, and has now launched a fore-vacuum pump for the analytics market.

The basic idea of the ECODRY plus was to develop a clean, compact and low-maintenance pump in the size class 40 to 60 m3/h, as used in analytical or research laboratories. This pump class is positioned exactly in the transition area between small laboratory equipment and large machines. The most important feature of the new vacuum pump range is the extremely low noise level. With an average value of 52 dB (A), it works below the noise limit that is harmful to human health.
The ECODRY plus was developed to match the requirements for systems such as mass spectrometers and electron microscopes. It is also suitable for large-scale accelerators due to the absence of dust or oil contamination. It offers a high degree of comfort, suction power and flexibility.
The lubrication takes place only in the area of the bearing of the shafts, which are separated from the pump chamber by a wear-free sealing system. Thus, neither lubricant nor particles penetrate into the pump chamber and the recipient, thereby causing no deterioration of the final pressure or suction. Equipped with two flexible interfaces, the pump can also be remotely controlled. When used in commercial analysis systems, the pump is frequently integrated into the plant control system, and started, stopped, speed-varied and monitored as required.


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