The Uniqa range features a specialist cooling system

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Exclusive cooling system gives UNIQA range the edge

UNIQA's unique cooling system is set to meet the most challenging civil and industrial wastewater needs.

Italian manufacturer Zenit sees innovation, efficiency and reliability as the key concepts its UNIQA range, which is designed to meet the needs of civil and industrial wastewater pumping applications.

This approach is reflected by the cooling system of the Uniqa range, where in the DRY version the motor is cooled by a water-glycol mix circulating in a special closed circuit (see image right). The mix is recycled through the pump by an axial impeller rigidly mounted on the shaft and the specially designed steel double jacket which provides the necessary heat exchange between the motor and the external environment.

Main features

•    The cooling mix is always separate from the wastewater in which the pump is immersed and cannot be contaminated even if water leaks into the oil chamber due to wear of the first mechanical seal

•    The mechanical seals are installed in an oil chamber separated from the cooling system and can be changed without draining the circuit. Continuous operation of the pump (S1 duty) is ensured even in dry and partially submerged working conditions or in high temperature locations.

These specific characteristics, combined with the high-efficiency motors and hydraulics and modular designs, ensures the range could provide an ideal solution to the needs of civil and industrial wastewater pumping applications.

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