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Using vibration monitoring to identify pump defects

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The article 'The monitoring system of an actual technical condition for pumping units with frequency analysis' has been published in Elsevier journal Procedia Engineering.


Maintenance and repair of pumping units requires a lot of high material costs and time. Planned maintenance is usually used now. But in inter-maintenance period nobody knows real technical condition of units.
Automated control system of vibration parameters in real time is presented. It show actual state of a pump at every time moment. Developed by the authors diagnostic system includes a complex diagnosis of the spectral characteristics of the unit and trend analysis change of the vibration characteristics in real time.
Comparison of current vibration spectrum with typical vibration spectrum of defects allow to identify a defect with a certain probability. Therefore, control of vibration and parametric characteristics of pumping units in real time allows to identify defect of pumping units at an early stage.
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