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3D numerical simulations of an external gear pump

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The article 'Numerical simulation of three-dimensional external gear pump using immersed solid method' has been published in Elsevier journal Applied Thermal Engineering.


External gear pumps are typically used as positive displacement machines that are capable of developing high pressures while operating at low suction pressures in hydraulic systems. Considerable attention has paid recently been given to investigating the flow characteristics and enhancing pump efficiency using theoretical, numerical, and experimental approaches. In this study, three-dimensional (3D) numerical simulations of an external gear pump were conducted to study the effects of 3D geometrical design parameters on pump performance characteristics such as the flow rate.

The characteristics of internal flow are also presented with respect to the internal pressure peak, local cavitation, and delivery pressure ripple. The immersed solid method (ISM) was used to simulate the operation of a gear pump under extreme conditions of high rotational speed. We found that the maximum flow rate of the gear pump is a strong function of the gear tip clearance and lateral clearance. Using the 3D model, the effect of the lateral clearance on flow rate is highlighted.


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