The Aporis butterfly valves are used for applications where huge volumes of water need to be transported and shut off reliably. (© KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal).

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KSB’s butterfly valve for water transport

KSB has launched the Aporis double-offset butterfly valve with elastomer sealing element.

KSB’s Aporis butterfly valve can be used for applications where large volumes of water need to be transported and shut off reliably, for example, water transport systems, water treatment or in large industrial cooling circuits.

The valve is available with the face-to-face lengths specified in the EN 558/ISO 5752, Series 14, standard and in nominal sizes DN 300 to DN 2000. The maximum permissible operating pressure is 16 bar. The standard fluid temperature should range between 0 and 85 °C.

Two stainless steel stems hold the valve disc in position. Torque transmission from the actuating stem to the valve disc is ensured by a keyed connection. Neither of the stems come into contact with the fluid as they are surrounded by sealed protective sleeves.

The flanged body with raised faces features integrally cast support feet which facilitate valve handling and storage. The valve combines with a wide range of manual, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. The type series is approved for drinking water applications (DVGW, WRAS and ACS).

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