The new Sauer ecc 4.0 compressor control is universally compatible and flexibly adaptable. (© Sauer Compressors)

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Sauer Compressors focuses on automation

Sauer Compressors is offering controls for automated monitoring and control of compressor functions.

The software has been developed by Sauer Compressors, which enables it to be adapted to the relevant requirements. The modular system can be configured over various expansion levels, from the economical basic version through to complete monitoring of all measured values in the fully-featured version.

The control is operated using a 7 in colour touch screen display. The resistive touch screen display is robust and can be operated wearing gloves. Users could benefit from the menu system and step-by-step instructions in 30 languages.

All relevant parameters are visible at a glance, represented visually by pressure gauges and texts. In case of faults, the control provides detailed alarm and fault messages including remedial suggestions and a numerical keypad allows adjustment of values.

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