Vladislav Vorotnikov writes:

Hydroservic Company, a provider of artesian downhole submersible pumps of European production in the Volga Federal District of Russia now intends to begin development on the market of the South of the country. For these purposes, the company recently opened a warehouse on the territory of Krasnodar region.

Hydroservic is currently working with the dozen of European producers helping them to gain the foothold on the Russian market. The company is carrying out the distribution, logistic and storage services, as well as the technical support of pumping equipment of its partners.

Hydroservic is currently working with the companies from Denmark, Germany and Italy. It is the official representative of CRIS CRL (Moldova), VSW (Russia), Lutz-Pampen (Germany), as well as several others manufacturers.

The project is of the great importance for the whole local market. The experts of the company forecast the strong boost of sales of these producers as there observed a strong demand for such types of pumps while the supply is seriously limited. The company primarily aims to enter the market of Krasnodar, Stavropol and Rostov Regions, according to press-service.