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A review of solar-powered water pumping systems

Diesel-powered pumps are widely employed in irrigation but there can be problems of reliability and availability, maintenance cost and life expectancy.

Simultaneous design of pump network and cooling tower allocations for cooling water system synthesis

An integrated model is presented in which the pump network, cooling water network and cooling tower are designed as a whole system.

How three-screw pump increase reliability

Memorial Day weekend sewage collapse

Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Clean water to Third World communities

Reducing local authority operating costs.

Blade compressor helps wastewater estate

progressive cavity pumps for sludge transfer

Airlift pumps circulate water and maintain critical gas levels.

Cost-effective irrigation utilizing clean energy would contribute significantly to the sustainable development of the agricultural sector in Sudan.

The Southern Nevada Water Authority is building a low lake level pumping station for Las Vegas and Southern Nevada.

'Research and current status of the solar photovoltaic water pumping system – A review' has been published in Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews.

One Dutch pumping station benefitted from a new low-energy motor and variable frequency drive (VFD) technology.

Research paper 'Nanobubbles: Generation using a multiphase pump, properties and features in flotation' published in Elsevier journal Minerals Engineering.

This article explores the possibility of designing a hydraulic element which is fit for Industry 4.0.

The research paper 'Influence of Polymer Solution on Pump Performances' has been published in Elsevier journal Energy Procedia.

Manufacturers need to find ways to adapt to current challenges, including investing in next-generation technologies.

Keeping a golf course lush is crucial. However, at many South African courses, the pump wear parts were failing.

The research paper 'Alternating magnetic field influence on scaling in pump diffusers' will be published in Elsevier's Journal of Cleaner Production.

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Three new members join the HI’s board of directors, while Paul Behnke is named VP, Certification & Technical Programs.


Caprari has revised its corporate server room.


Tsurumi presents new BP sewage water pumps


Bedford Pumps Ltd is supplying six high energy suspended bowl pumps for a new water pumping station near Usk in Monmouthshire, Wales.


Former Grundfos Group president and board chairman Niels Due Jensen turns 75 and steps down as chairman of the Poul Due Jensen Foundation.

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